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Meme Tokens

Revolutionising the way tokens are launched and exchanged globally - The next biggest disruptive thing to hit crypto!


Over the last couple months, we have seen how meme tokens have taken over the entire crypto industry with unheard of returns of 10,000x and more within just a few weeks. However, finding and buying good meme tokens is a very messy, crazy and intransparent process that is especially difficult for newcomers and so many as a result have lost money.

We are finally ready to release something that will revolutionize the way meme tokens are launched and exchanged globally.

We have decided to build the first ‘Meme Tokens Launchpad Ecosystem’, powered by Karen Coin! It will host new meme tokens for the whole process right throughout presale, launch, audit, use cases and marketing. The ecosystem will comprise of three main parts; a swap function, an exchange and an ICO portal, all in one place just for meme tokens. 

For anyone holding Karen, you will be at the very beginning of the ecosystem that creates and hosts all verified projects in the crypto world. Any new meme tokens can apply to the Launchpad and will be subject to a rigorous vetting process that needs the Karen tick of approval to exist. Karen’s goal is to have authenticity and verify all tokens and keep them in check. Karen will be creating tools to allow for the community to make smarter buying decisions and be safe within the ecosystem of safer tokens that are released and brought on board.

There is about 1.5B pieces of information coming from twitter and telegram about meme related content every day so we know how big this space is.

We are officially going to become the QUEEN OF THE MEMES.

You as a Karen Coin holder will benefit through two ways:

1.  All tools on the Platform will be utilized by paying in Karen Coin such as marketing, audits, security, etc. so this will in turn increase the value of your holdings as more people use the platform.

2.  We are currently working on a lifetime discount system for all current and future Karen Coin holders where you will have access to discounts on all ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). Stay tuned for this. Only holders of Karen Coin will benefit from this.

As to how Karen Coin’s above use case will be defined, we will release a version 2 white paper soon which will explain this in greater detail for transparency.

In a nutshell: Karen Coin will open up the universe of Meme Tokens creating an ecosystem of safety and opportunity. This ecosystem comprises of 3 components. One is an exchange, the second is a swap and the third is an ICO system for all new tokens being released. We will be creating security systems and due diligence checks for all tokens released and will be at the forefront of the meme tokens industry helping create legitimate use cases to bring the world closer to cryptocurrency with complete transparency and safety.

Website here

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