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For the next 4 quarters


Q1 - So it begins

We have successfully launched Karen Coin and finalise the version 1 website and design. Importantly, this was a community driven fair launch on PancakeSwap with all dev team members burning their tokens and participating with everyone else. We have established our final Admin/Mod team and will continue to expand quickly as the token gains traction. We have begun discussions with multiple exchanges along with organising a smart contract audit for continued transparency and growth. We have finalised our dynamic marketing schedule which goes into effect immediately across multiple channels. We are exploring use cases with beta testers in ecommerce, retail and manufacturing.


Q3 - Hold and stabilise

Begin community driven donations to raise funds for additional exchanges ( i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken ) along with starting our charity project ( Karen goes green ). Continue to expand our team and begin community based interactions around the world. Finalise development of our NFT exchange.


Q2 - Everyone wants Karen

Continue marketing expansion across all channels to solidify Karen Coin as a house hold Defi-token. Completion of the Karen Coin App and wallet along with starting discussions regarding the Karen Coin exchange. Finalise integrating Karen Coin with African markets along with expanding our internal team and infrastructure. Continue to explore and expand the Karen Coin reach with further exchanges (i.e. Binance ) along with starting our “how-to with Karen“ educational segment.


Q4 - Karen goes galactic

Finalise and launch the Karen Coin exchange. Continue to explore Karen Coin uses in the real world along with continued expansion of our internal team. Create community discussions globally on the further expansion and investment plans for Karen Coin. Build our own karen coin blockchain to solve real world problems with the applications of a new blockchain.

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