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We have listened to your requests and we have taken action in creating a community based marketing fund. This will be used for crowdfunding that we can use to pay for bigger influencers, exchange listings and marketing plans, which everyone in the community can contribute to.


This is going to be a multi-signature wallet for extra security, meaning to withdraw funds it takes more than one person to sign. The address below is published for all to see and keep track of the transactions to verify our marketing efforts. This wallet will only be used for marketing of the coin based on what the community decides to spend the money on. 

Community Fund

Background tokenomics.png

How to donate?

Simply donate Smart Chain BNB or BUSD. Any amount is appreciated and goes towards spreading the coin further throughout the world on our mission to the moon. You do NOT need to use any swapping platform such as pancakeswap. You can simply click on the currency and send it to the following address:


  1. Click on your smart chain bnb or your BUSD, and either press send or withdraw (depending on what wallet you are using) 

  2. Copy the address above into the address field, as this is where you are sending the donation

  3. Select the amount you wish to send

  4. Make sure you are sending only smart chain bnb or BUSD

  5. Hit send! No memo required.

Donate using QR-CODE

You can also use the QR code below instead of copying the above address. They are the same, the QR code just makes it easier.



The two signatories of the wallet will be the two Co-Founders: Blake Zibara and Paul Avendano.

This is complete transparency 🙌🏼

We will only ever pay influencers and release funds once we have a majority vote in the community as to what we spend marketing on. This will be done through our various social channels where the total tally will be totaled from each to decide on the next marketing projects we work on.

That doesn't mean that we fully rely on the Marketing Fund. However, it supports the acceleration of the ambitions we have with Karen Coin.
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